Hear from our range of industry experts about the latest in health, wellness and lifestyle. Our speakers include Annabel Langbein, Dr. Libby, Ben Warren, Art Green, Malcolm Rands, Nikki Ralston, Vanessa Baxter, Claire Robbie and more!

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Ben Warren – Be Pure

Ben Warren is one of New Zealand's leading nutritionists and holistic health experts. He is the founder and clinical director of BePure. Ben has made it his mission to build a new future of health by empowering and educating New Zealanders on the importance of nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. He looks forward to a world where every single person has the energy and abundant health they need to do the things that bring them joy. He firmly believes the key to creating this future is through education about what true health is, and how to get it. He is passionate about representing a holistic, evidence-based voice of reason in a space that is heavily influenced by politics, marketing and big food companies.

To date, more than 50,000 people have seen Ben speak at his live events around New Zealand and internationally. Through his work with one-on- one clients at the BePure clinic, he has developed the BePure range of nutritional products to assist with everyday, abundant health. He is well known for his study of 27 Maori people using ancestral nutrition principles utilising saturated fat, organ meat, leafy greens and seafood while avoiding sugar and processed grains. The study showed an amazing reversal of the parameters of type 2 diabetes in this group in just 10 weeks. Ben works with a team of nutritionists at the BePure Clinic working closely with Olympic athletes, leading New Zealand sports teams and individuals on their nutrition and lifestyle interventions. He resides with his family on a 15 acre, organic, permaculture farm in the Hawke’s Bay.

Qualifications: Msc (hons) Holistic Nutrition, BA (hons) Experimental Psychology, Level 3 CHEK Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Level 2 CHEK Muscular-Skeletal Therapist, level 2 TFH, Level 2 EFT, continued education in soil agronomy.


Dr. Libby

Dr Libby Weaver (PhD) graduated from the University of Newcastle in Australia with a Bachelor of Health Science Nutrition and Dietetics with Honours, and a PhD in Biochemistry. She combines this knowledge with 18 years of clinical practice working with patients from all walks of life.

A nine-times number one bestselling author and respected international speaker, Dr Libby’s expertise in nutritional biochemistry has led her to share the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Marianne Williamson, Dr Oz and Tony Robbins. She is regularly called on as an authoritative figure in the health and wellness industry and has been featured in numerous media publications, both nationally and internationally.

Dr Libby’s unique and powerful approach to health examines the biochemical, nutritional and emotional reasons behind what might be driving the body to behave in a certain way.

Armed with an abundance of knowledge, scientific research and a true desire to help people regain energy and vitality, Dr Libby empowers and inspires people to take charge of their health and happiness.


Annabel Langbein

Annabel Langbein is New Zealand’s best-loved cookbook writer and publisher and the star and co- producer of her own international television series Annabel Langbein The Free Range Cook.

Her philosophy that cooking and sharing simple, wholesome food is the simplest means to a good life has resonated around the world, putting her at the forefront of a global movement towards garden-to- table eating. She has made it her mission to empower and inspire us all to eat more fresh seasonal produce and fewer barcodes.

Wellington-born Annabel learned to cook from her home economist mother, then left home at 17 to live off the land, growing vegetables, cooking over an open fire, trapping possums and crayfish and jumping out of helicopters to recover live deer.

She studied horticulture at Lincoln University and travelled widely, attending courses at the Culinary Institute of America in New York and establishing her first business making croissants in South America.

A life-threatening experience in the 1980s, when she was thrown from a horse and given virtually no chance of walking again, reinforced for Annabel the importance of safeguarding her wellness and making the most of each day. She experienced a ‘eureka’ moment when she realised she could change people’s lives by sharing her knowledge of cooking and eating well, and confounded the doctors by making a complete recovery.

Annabel self-published her first book of recipes 1988, and has since built one of New Zealand’s most successful publishing houses. Her 24 cookbooks have won numerous international awards, been translated into multiple languages and sold more than two million copies. Her television series has screened in 94 territories and is currently screening on Public Television in the USA.

A foundation member of the Sustainability Council of New Zealand, Annabel lives on the shores of Lake Wanaka, where she grows most of her family’s fresh produce in extensive vegetable gardens and orchards.


Malcolm Rands – Ecostore

When Malcolm and Melanie Rands started ecostore in 1993 they had a dream to create a healthier more sustainable world. Since 1994, ecostore have researched and brought to market, New Zealand’s leading range of healthier, eco friendlier household cleaners, body care and baby products with a focus on looking after the health and wellbeing of people as well as the planet.

Malcolm has been active in the sustainable scene for over 33 years. He co-founded New Zealand’s first permaculture eco-village in 1986, and was a foundation member of the New Zealand Sustainable Business Network. He has been awarded the Green Ribbon Award from the Ministry for the Environment, plus two environmental awards from the Auckland Regional Council and most recently Malcolm has been added to the World Class New Zealand International Network.

In 2013 he released his book called ‘ecoman’ which encompasses his personal and entrepreneurial life, the 20 years of ecostore’s remarkable development and his courage to take on the multinationals and create safer plant based products for our health that really work. Malcolm is the chair of ecostore’s not for profit arm, the Fairground Foundation and on 31 December 2015 Malcolm was awarded a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit as part of the New Year’s Honours for services to business, conservation and philanthropy.


Nikki Ralston – Urban Ashram

Nikki Ralston is a natural teacher who has been working with the human body for over 15 years, her passion for yoga and wellbeing shines through and is infectious to others.

Nikki has devised her own 'Ralston Method' which blends together the best elements of hatha, vinyasa, precision alignment and mindfulness teachings. Her classes are strong yet grounded, guiding her students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, giving skilled yet simple cues from her deep understanding of the human body and subtle energies, creates a transformative experience, empowering the student to become their own guru. Balanced by her delightful sense of humour that encourages students to reclaim the joy within their practice and life.

Nikki regularly teaches workshops, leads retreats and has curated a Teacher Development Program to mentor and educate new teachers guiding them on their path to greatness.  Nikki is passionate about getting New Zealand yoga on the world map.

The owner of Urban Ashram in Auckland, featured teacher at Wanderlust festival NZ/Aus, she is an expert advisor for Hey Dot She is a regular presenter at Wellness Retreats NZ, mother and wellness powerhouse. Off the mat you will usually find her flipping handstands at the beach with her delightful daughter.


Danijela Unkovich

Danijela is a nutritionist and health blogger, who is hugely passionate about educating others on the power that diet and lifestyle can have in restoring vitality, energy and a healthy, balanced life.

She is currently working in community nutrition at a care and protection residential facility for children and young people in South Auckland. Here she manages a food education program, teaching gardening at an on-site organic community garden, as well as cooking skills and use of homegrown produce. She is particularly passionate about teaching others how to utilise fresh produce in nutritious, budget and family-friendly meals, as well as the advocating the importance of getting children involved in the kitchen and garden, and therefore their health.

Danijela also works clinically, consulting through Feel Fresh Nutrition in Auckland’s central suburb of Grey Lynn. She holds a Bachelor of Science majoring in physiology and human nutrition.

Danijela is an avid food lover and enjoys cooking and anything related to the preparation, making and sharing of food. She runs the health and wellness blog Healthy Always, a place she shares recipes, nutritional ideas, and health and wellness tips.


Jamie Marfell – Stoneleigh

Winemaking was an inevitable career choice for Jamie who grew up on a farm overlooking a valley of grapevines in Marlborough and whose holiday employment was usually spent planting or pruning vines, depending on the season.

Following the completion of a degree in agricultural science and a postgraduate diploma in viticulture and oenology at Lincoln University, New Zealand, Jamie began his career as a trainee winemaker with Pernod Ricard Winemakers in 1990 and in 2002 Jamie became Stoneleigh winemaker based in his hometown of Blenheim.

"It’s exciting to be continually developing and differentiating styles while at the same time building sustainability of the varietal for the long term," says Stoneleigh winemaker, Jamie Marfell.

“The lifted aromatics and vibrant flavours of our Stoneleigh wines are what set them apart. With the new Stoneleigh Lighter range of wines we wanted to capture these signature characteristics in a wine that is naturally lighter in alcohol, but doesn’t compromise on taste or quality,” says Jamie.

“The sunstones within the Stoneleigh vineyards, combined with the high sunshine hours and low rainfall, allow grapes to develop their full flavour while their sugar content is relatively low. These early ripening grapes can be harvested early in the season and then crafted into a naturally lower alcohol wines that still capture the distinctive flavours of the Rapaura sub-region,” says Jamie. 


Vanessa Baxter – Kitchens without Boundaries

Vanessa Baxter has become well recognised as an expert teacher, trainer and speaker, where she draws not only from her MasterChef experience but upon the many years of bringing people together that preceded that experience.

Vanessa has now combined everything she loves and thrown it together into a package which she has tagged ‘Kitchens without Boundaries’. It encompasses bringing people together around food but it also is about bringing different cuisines to people.

Vanessa is a strong example of living life to the full and has always held the belief that life should not be bound by rules but should be attacked with vision and energy and loads of passion.

Vanessa is well loved by children who she empowers through her engaging approach to hands-on cooking classes which allow children to dive into the process and appreciate the ingredients they are using. She is an inspiring example for nourishing relationships through collaborative cooking. 


Dr Nick Penney – Mindful Medicine

Dr Nick Penney. BSc (Hons) PhD is one of New Zealand’s leading Mindfulness educators and specializes in mindfulness intervention and education through his practice Mindful Medicine at Integrative Pain Care in Auckland, and though his online teaching platform www.drnickpenney.com

Dr Nick was trained to teach Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) by Professor Mark Williams and teaches Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and the UK’s Mindfulness in Schools Programs paws.b (7-10 year olds) and .b (11-18 year olds).

He teaches individuals, groups, school groups and corporate clients mindfulness to help them to focus and flourish as well as for mental and physical wellbeing. He is a member of the International Association for the Study of Pain and The American Mindfulness Research Association 


Claire Robbie

Claire developed a deep love for quieting the body and mind during her time living in one of the loudest cities, Los Angeles.

She started yoga purely for the physical but soon started to see the effects a regular practice had on all aspects of her life. She believes in the transformative process of yoga, with its ability to bring us back into our bodies and breath, and stretch our ideas of what we think is possible – both on and off the mat. Her mantra is to come as you are, and observe what unfolds.

A perpetual student, Claire has trained with some of Los Angeles top teachers and has an eclectic, vibrant style of sharing her understanding of yoga. All I want to do is share some of the things that yoga has helped bring out in me – like acceptance, fearlessness, discipline and fun.

Claire is also the CWO (Chief Wellness Officer) at Wake Up, the world’s first ever one-stop- holistic wellness centre and also runs a surf + yoga company, Jack & Olive Retreats. But her favorite job is being a Mum to 2-year old, Jack Jozef. 


Sandra Claire - Artemis

Sandra Clair grew up in Switzerland where plant medicine is a normal part of contemporary medicine and acknowledged as the basis of modern medicine with over 2,500 years of history.

In 1998, Sandra founded Artemis, New Zealand’s leading traditional plant medicine company. Artemis is the expert in traditional plant medicine for self-care and was never just a business solely focused on financial gains.

Sandra is driven by the genuine desire to make it easy and pleasurable to look after our health.

She believes pharmaceutical drugs definitely have their place but that plant medicine offers a healthy and safe alternative to deal with many common health issues. Sandra has been practicing and teaching plant medicine for over 20 years and has been a speaker at many health science conferences around the world and is an internationally published writer of health science topics. She is one of New Zealand’s most highly qualified professionals in her field, as a Swiss trained medical herbalist and a medical anthropologist (M.A.).

Sandra is currently completing a PhD in health science at the University of Canterbury in collaboration with the Chair for Natural Medicine of the University of Zürich, Switzerland. Sandra’s vision is to be able to share her proven medical knowledge of plants so that New Zealanders will discover how they can heal us and keep us well. She lives and breathes a green and healthy lifestyle with her husband in their ecosanctuary on the Otago Peninsula.


Swami Yogamani Saraswati

Director of Manipura Yoga Centre. Swami Yogamani Saraswati has been involved with the ancient art and science of Yoga and Meditation for over 30 Years.

Her yogic journey began after a fall from a horse at a young age, leaving her with spinal damage. She has both studied and taught extensively here, in Australia and India. She continues to teach across all areas of life from the absolute beginner to the advanced practitioner.

She teaches appropriately to suit the audience, a safe, practical, yet achievable blend of practices that reshape the complete personality. Promoting calm so one can live in ease.

Passionate about sharing transformational tools for life, her sessions draw from a vast range of practices from physical postures to breath work and meditation. Providing a platform for self responsibility for ones own health. Yoga more as a lifestyle than just a weekly exercise.

Swami Yogamani also leads a variety of retreats annually including to India, providing an opportunity to join her and experience the deeper aspects of yoga and humanitarian work, (Karma Yoga) in its homeland.

Lee-Anne Wann

Lee-Anne is not only highly educated and informed on the latest research but she is the most relevant, trusted and respected fitness expert in the country. She consults to a number of New Zealand’s elite sports people, musicians and television celebrities. She is a regular fitness and health commentator on nzherald.co.nz, radio, television and in print and has written three no-nonsense books in the past 10 years. Lee-Anne is a popular speaker at corporate events, internal conferences and executive retreats. She was the health and well-being presenter on TV One’s new show “Kiwi Living” in 2015.

In 2013 she was appointed the Vodafone Warriors’ nutritionist and is a household name through her time as a personal trainer in the health transformation show, Downsize Me. She is a huge advocate for men’s health and was the driving force behind the significant change in four males lives as a result of a health campaign The New Zealand Herald ran in 2014. As a result she was asked to be an Ambassador for Men’s Health Trust. Lee-Anne is an upfront, straight talker with a fun-loving approach that is full of energy, inspiration and professional.


Melissa-Anne Smit – 101 Fitness

101 Fitness’s best testimonial is owner Melissa-Anne Smit herself. It’s difficult to imagine that Melissa was involved in two, near-death car accidents that severely damaged her lower vertebrae in her lower back. Tired of living with excruciating pain, the live wire who is a qualified architect had almost given up hope till she was introduced to this in Abu Dhabi where she lived with her kiwi husband. Thrilled with her miraculous recovery, she decided to bring the revolutionary concept that is the combination of 25 years of scientific research to New Zealand. A fitting beginning to a fitness regime that is now going strong! Melissa is the living proof that this fitness regime works. Melissa is also qualified in Exercise, Nutrition and Fitness.


Louise Thompson

Louise is a corporate escapee turned wellbeing pro. After 17 successful years on the commercial side of media a serious health crisis led to a complete lifestyle overhaul and a brand new direction. As a life coach, and the first Martha Beck accredited coach in New Zealand, she loves nothing better than to help her clients get inspired, get happy and make their own rules for a connected, passion-fueled life. Her first book, The Busy Woman’s Guide to High Energy Happiness, aims to motivate people with practical solutions to step up and live their best lives. A qualified yoga teacher she also runs her own yoga studio and leads corporate wellness seminars. Louise loves to run, cook and dance, and is an incurable travel junkie.


Hannah McQueen

Hannah McQueen is a chartered accountant with her Masters in Taxation Law. She is the founder and director of enableMe, a successful and growing business with offices throughout New Zealand. Hannah is one of NZ's leading experts in personal finance and is the 'go-to' person for many TV and radio shows, newspapers and magazines.Hannah has been awarded Young Accountant of the Year (Northern Region) and is the author of the bestselling book "The Perfect Balance - how to get ahead financially and still have a life".  She is considered an authority on the subject of 'taking control of your finances' and is NZ’s leading expert on personal finance.  She works actively in EnableMe as well as balancing the demands of a young family.


Art Green

Art Green is one of the owners of CleanPaleo. Art is an advocate of a paleo, whole foods, lifestyle. His background lies in sports science and health, and he is the best selling author of Eat Clean, Live Lean. Earlier this year Art also set a world record for the loudest crunch of an apple, possibly one of his greatest achievements.


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The hits fitness studio

Carly Flynn

Carly Flynn is a much loved NZ Broadcaster and journalist. She works across all media platforms, and is currently the host of Radio Live’s Saturday fresh Programme. Carly is Mum to two children, Tilly (5) and Jude (4). She completed her Yoga teacher training in 2015 and runs Gentle flow, Yin, and Restorative classes for her own brand “Nourish Yoga’ in Auckland’s Northcote Point. Carly is passionate about wellbeing, and loves making people relax through her classes. She also loves nothing more than interviewing and sharing inspirational stories and people.

Kimberley Hill – Konga

Certified Jungle Body Instructor, Barre Fitness Instructor, Diploma in Fitness Training, Professional Dancer, Former NZ Aerobics Champion. 

Kimberley worked as a professional dancer for over 15years, dancing commercially for NZ’s top dance entertainment companies performing for many large scale events, shows as well as dancing in various film and television productions. She was also a long standing member of the Sky City Cheerteam and a NZ Breaker Girl. Now a busy mum Kimberley gets her dance fix through teaching Dance Fitness Classes, Kimberley runs a weekly Konga® class which is a part of The Jungle Body fitness program and teaches several Barre Fitness classes a week. 


Alice – Bounce Dance Fit

From a young age, Alice was part of Stephen Knights Street Troupe in the UK and trained professionally at Expressions Academy of Performing Arts. She received Trinity Guildhall distinctions in Musical Theatre, Speech and Drama and IDTA Freestyle Dance Teaching.  She has gone on to work in numerous commercials, music videos, short films, plays as well as working as a successful model. Her greatest achievement so far was working for Thomson Cruise Liners as a Singer/Dancer in their show team on board Thomson Majesty for eight months. It was on-board where Alice discovered her enjoyment for teaching as the show team provided Stage School during the summer holidays which she found thoroughly rewarding. Since her travels Alice has taught at several academies in London providing Jazz, Commercial and Street Dance classes for a variety of ages. As she has recently moved to Auckland, Alice is keen to continue her classes here and aims to provide relaxed, stylised and dynamic lessons for dancers of all levels. 


Steve Hall - FitForce

Commando Steve has a degree in Human Biology, whilst studying he gained an interest in fitness and exercise instruction and completed an instructor qualification course.

He spent 10 years as a Royal Marines Commando Officer, deployed on Anti-Terrorist operations, trained in Mountain warfare and Arctic warfare. Sub specialised as a Physical Training and Sports Officer and was in charge of all physical training and sport for the Royal Naval Officer Training College (Britannia Royal Naval College). After this he ran the Royal Marines Rehabilitation Unit at the Commando Training Centre.

Sporting wise Steve was an avid rugby player and eventually was selected for the British Combined Services Squad and played in the prestigious Army v Navy game at Twickenham. As well as rugby he was the Commando Training Centre Light Heavyweight boxing champion. When not playing rugby Steve started to enjoy Dragonboat race and was in the British boat at the European Championships.

5 years ago Steve decided to start his own business here in NZ called FitForce and runs bootcamps and does personal training around Auckland. Steve brings a different blend and mix to his sessions gained from his experiences in sport, keeping himself fit and being a Commando instructor.


Damian Chaparro – Aro-ha

Damian Chaparro is a twelve year veteran in the health & wellness arena.  His early interest in yoga led him to explore the art of living, which he now integrates into the multi-award winning Aro Hā Wellness Retreat.


Gandalf Archer Mills – Les Mills

Gandalf aka ‘G’ is Program Director for BODYJAM® and brings legendary funky dance skills to Les Mills. ‘G' will take you on a dance journey like you've never experienced before, and you'll never look back. BODYJAM® taught by 'G' is addictive. His classes are truly about the hottest music, breaking a sweat, and getting high on the feeling of dance. Certified in choreography and teaching dance classes for many years, 'G' has also been a guest judge on popular NZ dance television shows.


Ange Simanu – Ange Pilates

Ange has been in the fitness industry for over twenty years, involved in dance, aerobics, bodybuilding and Pilates. Her extensive experience in these areas has been invaluable in gaining knowledge in personal development, mind and body integration, and nutrition.

Specialising in Pilates, Ange offers a variety of services to create wellness and balance in her client's lives. Ange holds a teaching qualification in Pilates and is an experienced instructor for beginners right through to the advanced level.

Formerly a sales rep in the supplement and cosmetics industries, Ange is a living guide for all things fabulous and enjoys beauty and fashion alongside her passion for health. Her next chapter is all about helping others find their balance and sparkle in their everyday lives.

Shirley McLeod – Yoga With Me

Shirley McLeod is a wife, mother, corporate career woman, yoga teacher and aspiring wellness warrior. After a crazy 2013 where she had her second child, led a once-in- 50-year change to criminal prosecution processes, and was runner-up in New Zealand Project Manager of the Year, the universe intervened. While on holiday Shirley stumbled across an outdoor yoga class – starting a journey that would ultimately help her to better manage her busy work and family commitments.

Using yoga to de-stress, unwind, and relax, Shirley has become more focused, productive, confident and effective. Shirley founded Yoga With Me in 2015 to keep herself accountable in the lead up to completing yoga teacher training, but also to encourage and inspire others to give yoga a go – whether that’s for fitness, flexibility, stress management, relaxation, mindfulness or just because you want a reason to wear comfy yoga pants all day.


Katie Swift – Xtend Barre

Katie Swift is an international professional Dancer and Actor, touring and working with major bands and brands in various mediums for over 10 years. British born Katie was part of the first ever UK training for Xtend Barre in London and is a Level 3 Mat Pilates and reformer Pilates instructor too! Katie loves that Xtend Barre can keep her in shape for the job she does and loves, and how it can grow the dancer in all of us! Katie loves life in Auckland and is about to qualify as an Xtend Teacher trainer so it’s great to have her international experience and expertise in our Ponsonby Studio. She can’t wait to get to you all to the Barre!


Amy McAuley – Powerhoop NZ

Amy is the founder of Powerhoop NZ and she has been operating Powerhoop NZ since 2013. She never really found an exercise which she truly loved until 4 years ago when she discovered Powerhoop. When she first twirled that weighted hoop around my waist ( oh and it fell a few times too) she knew she’d finally found something she would stick to. Throughout Amy’s 20s and 30s her weight just fluctuated and at her heaviest was a size 18. She’s now been a size 8 / 10 for the past 4 years. Powerhooping has given her the strongest core she has ever had and it has completely changed her shape. Amy’s sciatica, which used to make a regular appearance has completely disappeared. She became a Fitness Instructor as soon as she tried the Powerhooping as Amy knew she wanted to teach this to lots of people and help people achieve the same results.

Amy’s mission is to help clients to live the best life they can through great health and wellbeing. Nothing gives her greater joy than to see others flourish in their lives. She gets really excited about encouraging and motivating people and seeing the difference she can make in their lives.


Kyleigh Burniston – Indie Yoga

As a child Kyleigh shared an equal love of both stillness and movement. Just as happy to sit peacefully reading, simply daydreaming the day away, as adventuring in the native bush that was our backyard.

With a natural affinity for acrobatics, dance, trampolining and any kind of twisting, twirling actions that pushed boundaries and explored limits. Kyleigh competed and coached trampolining into her late teens until a knee injury slowed her down. It was then that she found yoga.

Kyleigh describes her first class as an ingrained recognition of coming home. A balance of her two loves - Stillness and Movement - existing simultaneously as one. "I had found my place".

For the last twenty years Kyleigh has delved into many different styles of yoga with incredibly knowledgeable instructors beginning her yoga journey in 1996 with Karel Hulshoff at Yoga Praktika and more recently practicing and studying with Vincent Bolletta.

"I am extremely lucky to have found a master of his craft with whom I can follow in the ancient traditions of the past. Information passed in a direct lineage of Teacher to Student.

I will continue to share my love of the art of movement with those who follow the same path. Encouraging my students to take their lessons from the mat out into the world. Creating a sustainable intelligent practice, allowing us all to live a life of balance and grace."

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Holistic Centre

Dr Vicki Connop – The Wellness Collective

Dr Vicki Connop is a Registered Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years experience in public mental health services and private practice. She is also a qualified yoga teacher and co-director of The Wellness Collective, a holistic health centre and yoga studio in Kingsland, central Auckland. She completed her clinical training in the UK before re-locating to New Zealand 10 years ago where she went on to complete level 1 and 2 yoga teacher training with Ashram Yoga NZ. Vicki specialises in mindfulness-based therapies, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and draws on both eastern and western philosophies and practices in her work. She offers psychological therapy to individuals and couples as well as a range of classes and workshops. 


Clare Roberts – The Wellness Collective

Clare started practicing yoga as a teenager and was initially drawn to the physicality of the practice. Over the years she has had the opportunity to learn from numerous teachers and continues to develop her experience and understanding of the art and science of Yoga. Clare began teaching following her initial teacher training with Donna Farhi in 2012. Since this time she has engaged in a range of teacher trainings. She is committed to ongoing study, self-practice and developing her teaching skills. Clare is currently working toward completion of a Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy. She is also participating in a mentoring programme with Vincent Bolletta.

Clare’s interest is in the application of yoga to support wellbeing and function. She has a particular interest in restorative Yoga.


Emma Aubin – The Wellness Collective

Emma Aubin is an experienced and qualified Yoga Teacher who has studied and practiced Yoga for 25 years. She completed her advanced teacher training with internationally renowned yoga teacher Donna Farhi, and has studied with inspiring yoga and meditation teachers including Judith Lasater, Marcia Monro, and BMC teachers Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad. She has an ongoing mentorship with Karla Brodie.

Emma’s teaching is informed by an inquiry-based approach. She encourages students to calm their breath, mind and nervous system so that they can become aware of what their body needs to sustain integrated and easeful movement.

Currently she is co–teaching a community class for people living with cancer at The Wellness Collective in Kingsland and is passionate about the therapeutic benefits of restorative yoga.


Shiatsu Practitioners – The Massage Collective

Shiatsu is a hands-on Japanese Zen Healing Art.

Shiatsu is more than a massage technique.

“shi” means finger, “atsu” translates as “slowly applied pressure maintained then slowly released” with the implication of the use of bodyweight rather than strength. A range of techniques are used in a therapeutic way, delivered by bodyweight using either fingers, palms, elbows, knees or feet. Shiatsu is unique because of it’s holistic goals which attempt to treat the whole person rather than a specific medical complaint. Shiatsu is based on the time-honoured Oriental medical understanding that our physiological and psychological structures are supported and affected by meridians. Meridians are channels of living magnetic energy. A shiatsu practitioner aims to improve the Ki (chi, life-force, energy) flowing through the meridians to improve our general health and well being.

Kathleen Young - www.elsvirhealing.com
Nicky Hartley - www.nickyhartleyflowlines.com

Therapeutic Massage Practitioners – The Massage Collective

Therapeutic Massage therapy is a type of treatment in which a trained therapist manipulates the soft tissues of your body — muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and skin — using varying degrees of pressure & movement. The benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain & muscle tension. There are many types of massage therapies ... from a soothing relaxation massage for stress, to a deep tissue massage used for chronic pain & disabilities.

Karen Smith

Therapeutic Massage Practitioners – The Massage Collective

Indian Head Massage (also known as Champissage) is a wonderfully relaxing massage based on the Ayurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for thousands of years. It involves specific massage techniques applied to the head, face, upper back, shoulders arms & hands for relaxation, stimulation and invigoration!

Peace Summer Life – www.peace.co.nz
Cara Elliot - www.healinghouse.co.nz
Josephine Shakira – www.beyondtheveil.co.nz