Our Speakers & Fitness Instructors

Check out some of our speakers and fitness class instructors at this year’s festival! More speakers to be announced – keep watching this space

Aaron Brunet - Master Chef Winner

Aime Berghan - Collab Nation

Ally McDonald-Bull - Pilates Instructor

Amriesh Lala -District Fitness Instructor

Amy Finlayson

Angela Simanu - Ange Pilates

Art Green - Clean Paleo

Caroline Cranshaw

Chantelle Campbell

Claire Turnbull - Nutritionist

Danijela Unkovich - Nutritionist

Donielle Brooke

Dr. Anna Friis - Health Psychologist

Dr Chantal Hofstee - Psychologist

Dr Nick Penney - Mindfulness Teacher

Dr Vicki Connop - Psychologist

Emily Gallagher

Emma Aubin - Yoga Instructor

Fiona McLeod

Gabriella Balasko

Imagine Face painting and Entertainment

James Denton

Jana Taylor - Personal Trainer

Jess Quinn - Fitness Advocate

Juan Calixto

Jude Dobson

Katie Wesney - Financial Health

Kaytee Boyd

Kimberley Hill - Personal Trainer

Kristina Cavit - Mindfulness/Yoga Teacher

Lauren Glucina - Natural Health Practitioner, Ascension Kitchen

Leanne Prichard - District Fitness Instructor

Lee Gray

Makaia Carr

Massage Collective

Matilda Rice

Megan May

Nikki Ralston - Yoga Teacher

Rhys Jolly - Personal Trainer

Richie Hardcore

Robin Broadhurst

Robyn Pearce - Time Queen

Sheryl Campbell

Swami Sankalpananda Saraswati (Wendy Vermeulen)

Vandana Steadman - Yoga Therapist

Vanessa Baxter

Viv Gallagher - Owner/Director Xtend Barre Ponsonby

Wick Nixon - Wicked Wellbeing